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PCB Analysis
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PCB Analysis
PCB Design
PCB Analysis   There have been several changes in the design methodologies during the recent past years. It is inevitable designer to know these changes to pace with the technology. Several years back, the electrical design constraints for the designer was only current, voltage and some extent track resistance. In the modern design centers have many other new terms for high speed designs
They are track propagation delays, rise times, characteristic impedance, cross talk of both forward and back ward types, differential and common mode power planes, double side mounting of surface mount devices, controlled impedance lines etc.

Merely an electrical connection will not serve the purpose continuity and signal integrity in high speed design. It is very difficult spell all the design rules in the layout design because there will be differences in the design requirements from layout to layout. However we have brought out some common practices for helping the designer for designing a high performance PCB layout.

We are addressing the following issues depends upon the Circuit requirements.
  1. Signal Integrity

    • Timing (Delay-particularly with differential pair traces)
    • Reflection (Due to Impedance mismatching)
    • Ringing (overshoot or undershoot)
    • Cross talk - (Mutual L and C)
    • Ground bouncing (High speed switching creates transient potential diff)
    • Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) (Power Circuits)
    • Power Integrity
    • Impedance Calculation (Controlled Impedance PCBs)

  2. EMI/EMC (To make the system to work within standards)

  3. Thermal Analysis (To achieve proper thermal management)

  4. Test Coupon Analysis (To verify Impedance matching)

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